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Life in the big city - or the not-so-big city - right here in Illinois.
C0134_ADM SunsetC0164_Peoria In April Plus A Few_PanoCX005_401 Water SilouhetteCX006_Chicago At NightCX009_Quintessential PeoriaCX010_Friday Night LightsCX022_Harvest Moon over East PeoriaCX025_River RisingCX027_Chicago Reflected AgainCX031_Unexpected DirectionD10665_ADM SunsetD17421_Peoria Skyline in MayD17596_Grand HallD17706_Art Institute GardenD19860_Waiting (Summer Cliche 4)D19997_PCC SkiesD23537_Chicago Skyline RevisitedD23765_Chicago Skyline a 10D26391_Rhapsody in BlueD30048_Underneath All That Holds Us Up